About the program

As a result of the 2018 wildfires that burned 385,167 hectares of Southern Dakelh Nation Alliance (SDNA) Territory in the Cariboo and Omineca Natural Resource Districts, the SDNA will be implementing the 2019 SDNA Morel Harvest Program. The Program has been developed to reduce negative impacts to Sensitive Ecological and Cultural Areas. In addition, the Program will increase public safety and encourage respectful land-use practices. The Province of British Columbia is supportive of the objectives of the 2019 SDNA Morel Harvest Program.

To ensure these impacts are mitigated, the SDNA has developed Environmental and Camp Standards, as well as Social and Safety Standards. The SDNA Morel Harvest Program will see individuals and corporations charged a nominal fee in exchange for safety and educational materials, and basic camp services like portable toilets and large, animal proof central waste bins, for use by mushroom harvesters and buyers in permitted 2018 wildfire areas. Experienced SDNA Stewardship Guardians will monitor and report on the impacts of the commercial mushroom harvest in permitted areas.

Read the SDNA Nation Statement (PDF).

Harvesting in SDNA territory

Social and Safety Standards

Social and Safety Standards have been established to ensure the safety of all land users and respectful access to SDNA Territory.

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Camp and Environmental Standards

Camp and Environmental standards have been established to reduce the ecological impacts of the morel harvest by ensuring proper waste and camp management.

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Land Use Designations

Within SDNA Territory, Land Use Designations have been assigned to all major fires. View the maps to learn about where you can and cannot harvest within SDNA Territory.

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There are four (4) types of permits available to mushroom harvesters and companies within SDNA Territory.

Personal Use: for those not engaging in the resale of their harvest

SDNA Community Member Permit: supports research and monitoring for economic development planning.

Commercial Harvest Permit: for those reselling their harvest.

Buying Station Permit: for companies and individuals purchasing and/or processing morels harvested by commercial harvesters.


Harvester Orientation Package

The Harvester Orientation Package provides useful information to people entering SDNA Territory for the purpose of harvesting morel mushrooms.

Download package (PDF)


Maps for the various fires within SDNA Territory have been created for harvesters and are Geo-Referenced for use with free apps such as Avenza and Gaia.

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Southern Dakelh Nation Alliance is a dynamic and growing Nation that demonstrates strong leadership in asserting inherent rights and title, supporting a vibrant economy, while sustaining a healthy natural environment. To learn more about the SDNA visit our website.

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